Heritage Incentives Scheme step-by-step process

Use this page to understand the Heritage Incentives Scheme process - step-by-step.

This table outlines the step-by-step process for Heritage Incentives Scheme. Column headings from left to right are 'task' and 'useful information and links'.
TaskUseful information and links

Before lodging your application

1Check the Brisbane City Council Heritage Register to find out if your property is listed. It must be listed on the register to be eligible.Search Brisbane City Council’s Heritage Register.
Decide on what type of work you wish to do and whether it is eligible for a heritage grant subsidy. For example:
  • construction (or building) work, such as replacing the roof sheets, or painting the exterior in its original colours
  • documentation work, such as preparing a conservation management plan.
Check the Heritage Incentives Scheme conditions to find out if your project is eligible for funding.
3Discuss your project with the Senior Heritage Architect in the City Architecture and Heritage team to find out if your project may qualify for a grant subsidy.   
You can also request a copy of the citation for the place to help you understand its heritage significance.
The City Architecture and Heritage team can be contacted via Council's 24-hour Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888.
4Obtain all necessary development approvals (for example, building permits) for the project.
Check the types of approval page on Council’s website.
If it is a Queensland heritage place, visit the Queensland Government’s Heritage places webpage
5Obtain two written quotes for the project.For convenience, ask your contractor to send written quotes via email.

Lodging your application online

Complete an online application form and:
  • make sure all mandatory fields are completed
  • take photos of your property before work commences, and upload photos with your application
  • submit copies of quotes with you application.
Open the online application form under ‘how to apply’ on the Heritage Incentives Scheme page.
7A letter will be sent to you, as the grant applicant, confirming registration of the heritage grant application and when work can commence. 
8Engage contractors or builders. Works can commence onsite. 

When works are completed

9Contact the City Architecture and Heritage team to request an inspection of the work, once all work has been completed.The City Architecture and Heritage team can be contacted on 07 3403 8888 or by email.
10Council’s Senior Heritage Architect will inspect the completed work and confirm whether it has been performed satisfactorily. 
11Lodge an online acquittal form and attach all relevant receipts of payments (or other proof of payment) made to contractors.Open the online acquittal form and fill in the form.
12The City Architecture and Heritage team will send a cheque or directly credit your bank account with the eligible grant money. 


Last updated:8 May 2019