Protecting heritage

The Heritage overlay mapped in Brisbane City Plan 2014 identifies places that have local or state heritage values. The associated Heritage overlay code explains what development would be appropriate on, or adjoining, these sites. This includes the reuse of these sites to ensure the cultural heritage of a place or area and the Indigenous cultural values are not compromised.

Brisbane City Council's Heritage Incentives Scheme promotes the conservation of properties within the Heritage overlay.

Building work should on properties in the Heritage overlay be in line with the Heritage overlay code and any other planning scheme provisions (such as a neighbourhood plan code if applicable). You may need to lodge a development application for sites within the Heritage overlay. Assessable development may relate to:

  • demolition or removal of a building
  • conservation work to a building
  • alterations, renovations or additions to a building
  • subdividing a property.

Restoring a heritage place is not compulsory. A property identified on the Heritage overlay maps as having heritage values does not mean the public has a right of access to the property.

More information

If you have a heritage property on the Queensland Heritage Register, contact the Heritage Branch, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

To find out more information about restoring local heritage places, contact Council. Council can issue exemption certificates where works have a minimal impact on the heritage significance of a local heritage place.

For more information, read Council's Brisbane City Plan 2014 fact sheet titled 'Heritage and character buildings'.

Last updated:9 May 2019
Topics: heritage