Siting variation full assessment

A full assessment is required if the proposal does not meet the eligibility criteria for a Siting Variation express assessment.

Full assessment - standard

A full assessment application can be made by anyone proposing to undertake building work.

The time frame for assessing a standard application is 15-20 working days.  

Full assessment - fast track

You must be eligible to utilise the fast track application. If you are a Building Certifier or have engaged a Building Certifier who has provided the required supporting information and certification of how the proposal meets the performance criteria you may use this application type. 

The time frame for assessing a fast track application is 10 working days.

Notify your neighbour

For all Full assessment requests you are required to advise the outcome of your consultation with your neighbours as part of the request, or provide a statement on why the affected landowners could not be consulted.

Find out more about Neighbours and siting variations.

Fees and charges

If using the Request for referral agency response (building work) online form, when paying with MasterCard or Visa, a fee quote will be automatically generated, enabling payment as part of the lodgement process. Alternatively, you will receive a fee quote within two business days of submitting the online form with other payment options, including BPAY.

How to apply

Before you complete the online form, we encourage you to prepare the supporting documentation as outlined below. You will be required to provide these documents with your request to Council.

  • dimensioned site plan indicating north point (1:200 scale)
  • dimensioned floor plans (1:100 scale)
  • dimensioned elevations (1:100 scale)
  • contours and ground levels 
  • written comments from relevant adjoining property owners or an owner’s statement that no comments from neighbours could be reasonably obtained
  • plans to indicate all buildings and structures on the property 
  • plans indicating where the variation is sought
  • an assessment against the relevant performance criteria of the Queensland Development Code
  • include overall heights above natural ground level on elevations plans
  • site photos.

When you are ready to submit your request, complete the Request for referral agency response (Building work) and select either Standard or Fast track assessment.

Please note, from 1 April 2019 the online form will have an updated look and feel. The updates include the below.

  • The opportunity to lodge a request for an amendment to previous advice from Council using the online form. You will no longer be required to complete the PDF forms to submit this request type.
  • Renaming the form to 'Request for referral agency response (Building work).
  • Building certifier, property owner and application information are now displayed together on the applicant details page of the form.
  • Additional clarity for the technical and lodgement requirements throughout the form.

Alternatively, you can apply by completing the hard copy forms

Last updated: 29 July 2021