Retirement and aged care amendments package

Brisbane City Council is committed to giving people more choice when it comes to housing, and updating retirement and aged care provisions in Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) is one way we can ensure suitable housing supply for people at every stage of life.

Brisbane is growing and changing, and in coming decades this will include a larger ageing population. The need for retirement and aged care housing options will increase by 50% by 2027. In some parts of Brisbane, older people may struggle to find housing that suits their needs, so it's important to plan now.

Brisbane City Council is proposing to update City Plan with a 'Retirement and Aged Care Amendments Package', to offer a more streamlined approach to building, extending or upgrading retirement facilities and aged care facilities. This will also provide greater encouragement for new facilities in preferred locations that meet best-practice design requirements.

The proposed package aims to:

  • Encourage retirement facilities and aged care facilities in our neighbourhoods
    • Broaden the zones in the city where retirement facilities and aged care facilities can be built
  • Make it easier to build and upgrade retirement facilities and aged care facilities
    • One assessment code to replace multiple codes
    • Permit an existing building to change from a retirement facility to an aged care facility or vice versa
    • Increasing building heights for retirement facilities and aged care facilities in medium and high density residential zone areas
    • Remove unintended barriers to the establishment of retirement facilities and aged care facilities in desired localities
    • Enable retirement facilities and aged care facilities to be located in the same areas
  • Ensure people in retirement facilities and aged care facilities live in well-serviced areas
    • Allow suitable small businesses, services and facilities to share sites and integrate with retirement facilities and aged care facilities
    • Facilitate retirement facilities and aged care facilities in well-serviced areas, near existing shops, public transport and key services.

Council is no longer progressing changes in relation to privately owned sport and recreation land.

This proposed amendments package is following the major amendment statutory process outlined in the Queensland Government guideline, making and amending local planning instruments.

For an overview of the proposed changes, you can download the:

Community consultation

Council's proposed amendments package was on public consultation from 18 June to 21 September 2018.  

In response to matters raised in submissions, Council made the following changes:

  • revised the allowable building height for a retirement facility or residential care facility development located in the community facilities zone (community purposes zone precinct, health care purposes zone precinct and major health care zone precinct), specialised centre zone (major education and research facility zone precinct) or emerging community zone, as follows:
    • where on a site 7000 square metres or greater and adjoining or opposite a site in the low-density residential zone, character residential zone or emerging community zone, the allowable additional building height has been reduced to two storeys
    • where on a site 7000 square metres or greater in any other situation, the allowable additional building height will continue to be four storeys.
  • amended the level of assessment to support two additional storeys for sites in medium density zone and high density residential zone areas, where a neighbourhood plan does not specify building height
  • clarified and strengthened design requirements for building articulation and built-to-boundary walls, to ensure that the appearance of building bulk is in keeping with the form and character of the area and facilitate proposed allowable building lengths
  • strengthened provisions that ensure balance of built form, natural features and open space, and protect and establish large subtropical shade trees
  • clarified requirements for care co-located uses to ensure impacts on sensitive uses and the economic viability of nearby centre activities are mitigated.

Download the report on submissions:

Proposed amendments

View the list of amendments:

Download the:

View the proposed amendments for changed zoning to reflect the use of specific sites for retirement facility and/or residential care facility purposes. Refer to the proposed table of amendments above for details of individual sites.

The above maps identify the proposed zoning of these sites on the base zoning in place at the time the amendments were proposed in November 2016.


For the purposes of this public consultation, the terms 'aged care' and 'residential care' are interchangeable. Residential care (or aged care) facilities, as defined in City Plan, include nursing and convalescent homes that provide supervised accommodation, medical and other support facilities for those who cannot live independently.

Retirement facilities, as defined in City Plan, include premises such as retirement villages that are specifically for older people. Facilities usually include independent living units and offer a range of health, leisure and support services.


Table showing timeline of key milestones for the retirement and aged care amendment package
14 June 2016Council proposed to amend the City Plan.
June-November 2016Drafting of amendment package.
December 2016-April 2018Queensland Government review. Feedback on draft amendments package received 6 April 2018.
18 June-21 September 2018

Public consultation including an opportunity for community submissions on the draft amendments package.

Talk to a Planner and community information sessions on 23 July, 14 August, 29 August and 5 September 2018.

Download a copy of the public notice: Notice of proposal to amend Brisbane City Plan 2014 (Word - 103kb).

22 September-November 2018Council consideration of properly made submissions and review of proposed amendments in response to issues raised.
Late 2018Queensland Government review.
2019Queensland Government approval to adopt and Council adoption and gazettal.

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More information

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  • email the project team
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