Brisbane City Plan 2014 project background

Brisbane City Plan 2014 commenced on 30 June 2014, after the largest city-wide public consultation program tin Brisbane in more than a decade. Over 2700 submissions were received during the 60-day public consultation phase, which closed at midnight on 30 July 2013.

You can also watch this video and other related videos on Council's YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can read the text version.

Project documents

View the superseded consultation version of the draft new City Plan and the Council's response to all submissions (Word - 9.1Mb) received during the consultation phase.

The Strategic Framework (Part 3) guided the creation of Brisbane City Plan 2014. This framework draws a range of Council documents and plans together including:

The plan also responded to government policies and projects, including: 

  • South East Queensland Regional Plan
  • South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program (superseded by the State Infrastructure Plan in 2016).

In preparing the strategic framework, best practice in planning and urban design, detailed modelling of development, population and statistics were considered. The framework draws upon expert advice on topics ranging from traffic to design to air quality.

Last updated:10 May 2019