16. River to Ridge by Aspect Studios

The design team at Aspect Studios has re-imagined the city’s River to Ridge connection with the concept of a pedestrian priority ‘stringline’ linking varied character precincts.

This seamless walkable ‘stringline’ route is anchored by Wickham Park which could become a key public realm play space and catalyst project in improving the pedestrian connection between GOMA and the Wickham Terrace area.

Aspect Studios’ transformative idea builds on the existing stunning views and heritage narratives of Wickham Park to propose both excellent pedestrian linkages and creation of one unified significant green space for Brisbane. The vision incorporates Wickham Park with Roma Street, King Edward Park, Observatory Park, Jacobs Ladder and Emma Miller Place.

Community engagement with this idea

  • views of this page - 430
  • social media views - 5499
  • facebook likes - 136

Community feedback

  • majority said it looked like a fun environment for adults and children
  • some people felt it didn't add value to the area
  • windmill must be retained

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Last updated:30 April 2019