5. Petrie Terrace by Conrad Gargett Riddel

Conrad Gargett Riddel has suggested a vision and design concept for Petrie Terrace. Their design idea focusses on improving pedestrian and cycle connections between Roma Street Parklands across the railway to Hardgrave Park, Petrie residential development areas and Victoria Barracks.

The proposal includes revealing key vistas and landmark views, bridges showcasing vistas and connecting communities, an unlocking of the local heritage and history and a new mixed use precinct development over the existing railway corridor.

Community engagement with this idea

  • views of this page - 802
  • social media views - 13,902
  • facebook likes - 86

Community feedback

  • many felt the area is in need of transformation and activation however some felt money could be better spent elsewhere
  • support for retaining and enhancing green space in the city
  • support for improving connectivity and accessibility in the area
  • needed to have further reference points in the design to assist with orientation

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Last updated:30 April 2019