8. Queens Wharf by Lat27

Concepts for reinvigorating the long-neglected Queens Wharf area have been proposed by Lat27 to show how this valuable riverside space can be brought back to life through incremental and affordable change.

Stronger pedestrian connections through to the city centre will bring people down to the river’s edge where new boardwalks and floating pontoons will host temporary activities such as fresh food markets, live music and multi-sport courts. The vision is to re-awaken this vital stretch of the riverfront now as an urban, water-edge playground brimming with energy, history and city life.

Community engagement with this idea

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Community feedback

  • support for transforming this underused yet valuable riverfront space and better engaging with the river
  • support for river pool and floating pontoons with temporary activities
  • design should build on and respect the history/heritage of the area
  • concerns over impact of floods
  • desire for greenery and less concrete

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Last updated:30 April 2019