Delivering Brisbane's Future Blueprint

Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax. It's no wonder our city is growing, with more people than ever wanting to call Brisbane home. Together we've achieved a lot, but there's more work to be done. With 1300 people moving to Brisbane each month, we're committed to working with the community to carefully plan for our future.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint was released in June 2018 following an overwhelming response from the community. More than 100,000 people had their say and put forward more than 15,000 ideas to improve our city. The document provided a plan with eight principles and 40 clear actions to guide decisions and make sure our friendly and liveable city thrives.

To date, we have made great progress and are acting on our commitments to the community. Read about how we're delivering our plan.

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Principle 1: Create a city of neighbourhoods

Village Precinct Projects

Action 1.1: Improve the amenity of local retail villages with upgraded paths, trees, seating and lighting.

The Village Precinct Projects program will breathe new life into local shopping centre precincts, drawing people into the hub of their suburb, close to the services they need and the lifestyle and leisure options they want. Council has precinct improvement projects underway at Aspley, Gaythorne, Inala, Jindalee and Wavell Heights.

The Racecourse Road street tree bud lighting project was delivered in May 2019. The street tree bud lighting has increased night-time amenity and identity for the local shopping precinct. It has created a vibrant neighbourhood for the local community and visitors.

Read more about this and other precinct improvement projects.

Local business partnership initiatives

Action 1.1: Improve the amenity of local retail villages with upgraded paths, trees, seating and lighting.

The Local Business Partnership Initiative enables business owners and operators to collaborate with Council to identify opportunities that will improve investment and create sustainable local economies. Council Local Business Partnership Initiatives are underway at Nundah and Moorooka.

Read about these initiatives and the progress of Local Business Partnership Initiatives

Partnerships and public space activations

Action 1.2: Partner with local businesses to bring unused space and laneways to life.

Outdoor Gallery

Council has partnered with artists and collaborated with the creative industry to create the Outdoor Gallery. The Outdoor Gallery transforms Brisbane's laneways and city streets into imaginative, curious and engaging spaces. Comprising of light boxes, banners and evening projections, the Outdoor Gallery displays art outside in city streets instead of inside gallery walls. Programs delivered in 2019 include the Shared Connections Indigenous Art Program 2019, the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9) and APT9 Kids exhibition artwork. 

Read more about the Outdoor Gallery.

Best little laneway fest in the West

As part of Council's Village Precinct Projects program, Council partnered with the local community and businesses in Jindalee by hosting the 'Best little laneway fest in the West' on 11 May 2019.

Principle 2: Protect and create greenspace

Protect and increase Brisbane's natural habitat

Action 2.1: Protect and increase Brisbane's natural habitat from 37% to 40% by 2031.

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031 highlights our city's key sustainability achievements and outlines future targets and commitments to drive us towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable city.

In line with this plan, Council is currently undertaking planting and restoration works across Brisbane as part of the Offsets and Restoration program. The Offsets and Restoration program plays a vital role in helping Council achieve its goal of 40% natural habitat cover on mainland Brisbane by 2031. Council has planted more than 42,000 stems since January 2019 and has engaged more than 1400 residents to support the delivery of offsets across the city.

Delivery of Council’s Bushland Acquisition program continues and is on track to acquire an additional 750 hectares of bushland in 2020. 

Read more about Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031, environmental offsets and bushland acquisition.

The Brisbane Off-Road Cycling project

Action 2.3: Open up under-used public land for community sport and recreation.

Council is creating a city-wide plan to provide off-road cycling facilities for children, adults and families within bushland reserves and parks.

The project aims to meet the needs of the rapidly growing off-road cycling community by developing a plan to provide a safe, well-planned and connected outdoor recreation network that is accessible. The plan would also cater to children, adults, families and people of varying abilities.

Read more about the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling project.

Rooftop gardens

Action 2.4: Make it easier for new developments to include rooftop gardens and green open space.

Council is currently reviewing Brisbane City Plan 2014 and proposing amendments to allow the addition of a rooftop amenity space, including rooftop gardens for new developments.

Shade trees

Action 2.5: Provide more shade trees around bus stops and along walkways.

Council's ongoing street tree planting program provides benefits that are important to the city's liveability and subtropical landscape character. Street trees help provide cooler, greener, more comfortable pathways and bus stops, and encourage active transport options including walking and cycling. Between June 2018 and May 2019, Council planted more than 10,500 street trees.

A total of 1943 volunteers attended nine Council Community Street Tree Planting events, with over 2000 new street trees planted across Brisbane in the 2018-19 financial year.

Principle 3: Create more to see and do

Community park improvements

Action 3.1: Create new community parks in Brisbane's suburbs with facilities for the local community to enjoy.

The proposed park improvements are part of Council's commitment to keeping Brisbane clean and green, and making our liveable city sustainable for future generations. Improvement projects are underway at Ascot Park, Ascot, Riverside Drive, West End and Wally Tate Park, Runcorn. Projects are also underway to create new park upgrades at Wakerley District Sports Park and Witton Barracks Playground, Indooroopilly.

You can also find out about:

River recreation hubs

Action 3.3: Bring our river to life with more access and infrastructure for recreation, tourism and events.

Council is committed to improving access to the Brisbane River and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. As part of this commitment, Council is delivering new multipurpose river-based infrastructure to accommodate a range of recreation activities, tourism and events.

The New FarmWest End and Dutton Park Recreation Hubs are open and operating. These are the first of the new-look river-based facilities as part of the River Access Network. 

The Murrrarie Recreation Hub project is underway.

Read more about river recreation hubs and other river activities.

Mt Coot-tha green leisure precinct

Action 3.4: Make Mt Coot-tha a leisure and adventure precinct with new picnic areas and trails.

Council is protecting and enhancing Mt Coot-tha by creating a green leisure precinct with more trees, picnic areas and walking trails. 

Read more about Mt Coot-tha precinct projects.

More festivals and markets

Action 3.5: Bring more festivals and markets to the suburbs.

BrisStyle Twilight Markets

Council continues to support local talent and ensure there's more to see and do. Residents and visitors will be able to discover some of the best of Brisbane's thriving creative community, allowing them to connect with local makers and designers, giving them an opportunity to purchase quality handmade products at the only event of its kind in Brisbane.

Read more about BrisStyle Twilight Markets.

Botanica, City Botanic Gardens

Botanica, now in its second year, transformed the City Botanic Gardens into an outdoor gallery in May 2019. This temporary open-air exhibition invited audiences to uncover a stunning series of installations set among the beauty of Queensland's premier heritage garden, the City Botanic Gardens.

Read more about Botanica 2019, including more things to see and do in Brisbane.

Principle 4: Protect the Brisbane backyard and our unique character

Townhouse and apartment zoning

Action 4.1: Stop townhouses and apartments being built in areas for single homes.

Council is proposing amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 to prevent townhouses and apartments being located in the Low Density Residential Zone where single houses predominate. Public notification of the proposed changes is expected to occur later in 2019.

Suburban development

Action 4.2 Ensure that suburban development fits in with its surroundings.

Council continues to audit the Emerging community zoned land and rezone to the Low density residential zone where appropriate. To date, Council has rezoned more than 1900 parcels of land from Emerging community to the Low density residential zone.

Property setbacks

Action 4.3: Preserve the space between homes by ensuring minimum setbacks on property boundaries.

Council is reviewing setback provisions within Brisbane City Plan 2014 and continuing to engage with the Queensland Government about setbacks, including for houses.

Character and heritage protection laws

Action 4.4: Protect our character and heritage by demanding greater enforcement powers and penalties from the Queensland Government.

Council sought greater enforcement powers from the Queensland Government to protect Brisbane's character and heritage for future generations. The Queensland Government recently stated that they will grant Council new powers to issue repair and maintenance notices to protect local heritage-listed places. The Queensland Heritage Amendment Regulation 2019 took effect on 22 March 2019, thereby enabling Council to give repair and maintenance notices.

Principle 5: Ensure best practice design that complements the character of Brisbane

Low-to-medium density residential design

Action 5.1: Mandate best practice design that fits surroundings and meets community standards.

Council has prepared a design guide for Low-to-medium density residential development. Have your say on the draft New World City Design Guide - Subtropical homes for a Brisbane lifestyle by Friday 13 September.

Development and design

Action 5.2: Create a design rating scheme to ensure buildings comply with higher design standards.

Planning is underway for a draft design strategy and associated design rating scheme.

Increase tree planting and deep landscaping areas

Action 5.3: Increase the required areas for tree planting and deep landscaping in new development.

Major amendment to Brisbane City Plan 2014 – Major amendment package E proposes changes to increase the required dimensions of deep planting in multiple dwellings. Public consultation on Major amendment package E finished in April 2019.

Read more about Proposed citywide amendment – Major amendment package E.

Design requirements for townhouses.

Action 5.4: Stop cookie-cutter townhouses by limiting repeated designs.

In conjunction with the low-to-medium-density residential design guide, Council is reviewing Brisbane City Plan 2014 to strengthen design requirements for townhouses.

Design Brisbane

Action 5.5 Establish a Brisbane Design Office to implement a new design strategy for Brisbane.

Council's new design office, Design Brisbane, commenced on 1 November 2018 and you can have your say on the draft design strategy for Brisbane consultation document before Friday 13 September. 

Preserve our city’s heritage places and designs

Action 5.6: Preserve our city’s Queenslanders and other traditional designs.

Council is proposing changes to some of its citywide provisions with the Heritage places and city views amendment – Major amendment package F. Public consultation on Major amendment package F finished in April 2019.

Read more about the Proposed citywide amendment – Heritage places and city views.

Principle 6: Empower and engage residents

Website development/improvements

Action 6.1: Give residents better access to development information and history with a new easy to use website.

Council continues to investigate alternative/new technology to improve residents’ engagement experience, including access to planning and development information and alerts to keep residents up-to-date and informed.

Intergenerational Planning Forum

Action 6.3: Convene an annual Intergenerational Planning Forum to hear from the community directly.

The 2019 Intergenerational Planning Forum was held on 29 May 2019. The intention of the forum was to determine what ‘liveability in Brisbane’ means to residents. The forum included interactive sessions with demographer Bernard Salt, Howard Smith Wharves CEO, Luke Fraser, and Future Anything founder, Nicole Dyson. The key findings from the event were presented at the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit.  

New engagement technology

Action 6.4: Continue to explore new technology to better engage with residents.

Council trialled, a live response/engagement technology tool, to increase audience interactions and participation at the Intergenerational Planning Forum in May 2019, and to capture participant feedback about liveability in Brisbane.

Character Design Forum

Action 6.5: Create a specific Character Design Forum for residents to guide the preservation of our city's Queenslanders and other traditional designs.

Residents have had their say on extensions and adaptions to Queenslanders and other traditional designs at the Character Design Forum in late 2018, which was continued online until early 2019. Council is presently reviewing feedback and will be developing a set of design principles to help inform Council's policy and guidelines for Queenslanders and other traditional designs.

Read more about the Character Design Forum.

Principle 7: Get people home quicker and safer with more travel options

Brisbane Metro

Action 7.1: Deliver the new 21km, high frequency Brisbane Metro with 18 stations and two dedicated lines from Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street and RBWH to St Lucia.

Brisbane Metro is a key part of Council's plan to get you home quicker and safer, with more travel options, less congestion and better public transport. With services every three minutes in peak hour and operating 24 hours on weekends, Brisbane Metro will get you home up to 50% quicker. 

Construction of Council’s Brisbane Metro project provides the opportunity to deliver improvements to Adelaide Street including pedestrian and streetscape upgrades.

Read more about the Brisbane Metro, and Adelaide Street Vision.

Car parking

Action 7.2: Increase the car parking requirements for development in suburban areas.

Council is currently reviewing Brisbane City Plan 2014 and is proposing amendments to multiple dwelling car parking rates in suburban areas. Public notification of the proposed changes is expected to commence later in 2019.

More bikeways, local roads and travel options

Action 7.3: Invest in more bikeways, local roads, and active travel options

Green bridges

Council’s 2019-20 Budget included $6.1 million to begin planning for five new green bridges which will make it even easier for you to get around our city. The new bridges will link Kangaroo Point to the CBD, Toowong to West End, St Lucia to West End, as well as a new crossing over Breakfast Creek at Newstead, and across the Brisbane River near Bellbowrie.

Read about the new Green bridges.

Woolloongabba Bikeway project

Council began construction of the Woolloongabba Bikeway project in November 2018. The project will be completed in mid-2019.

Read about Woolloongabba Bikeway project and current bikeway and pathway projects.

Transport Plan for Brisbane and Implementation Plan 2018

Council is continuing to progress the delivery of Transport Plan for Brisbane – Implementation Plan 2018.

Read about the Transport Plan for Brisbane and the Implementation Plan 2018.

Move Safe Brisbane – Pedestrian Safety Review

Move Safe Brisbane is one of the key initiatives in Council’s Transport Plan for Brisbane – Implementation Plan 2018. As part of this initiative, Council conducted the Citywide Pedestrian Safety Review to identify actions to improve safety for pedestrians. Implementation has commenced, including scramble crossings in Albert Street, speed reductions at key locations, and a new signalised pedestrian crossing has been constructed on Adelaide Street.

Read more about Move Safe Brisbane – Pedestrian Safety Review.

School safety

Action 7.3: Invest in more bikeways, local roads, and active travel options

Council continues to support and deliver initiatives and programs that protect our children and encourage safety on the roads around our schools.

Read about school transport and safe roads around schools.

Current bikeway and pathway projects

Action 7.3: Invest in more bikeways, local roads, and active travel options

Read about the current bikeway and pathway projects.

Bus Stop Accessibility Improvement program

The Bus Stop Accessibility Improvement program involves upgrading the bus stop network to provide improved accessibility, ensuring all bus stops in Brisbane meet accessibility requirements by 2022. Council has upgraded more than 450 bus stops in the 2018-19 financial year.

Read more about the Bus Stop Accessibility Improvement Program.

Smoother Suburban Streets Program

Council’s road resurfacing program will help make suburban streets smoother, safer and more enjoyable to use every day. Council has delivered more than 600 road resurfacing projects in the 2018-19 financial year.

Read more about Smoother Suburban Streets Program.

Car sharing

Action 7.4: Expand car-sharing facilities to make it easier to not own a car in the inner city.

Council is proposing amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 - Major amendment package E - to support car sharing within suitable locations.

Read more about the proposed citywide amendment - Major amendment package E, including car-sharing.

Delivery and deployment of new high capacity buses

Action 7.5: Deliver better public transport for the suburbs.

Ten new 18-metre articulated high-capability buses were delivered in the 2018-19 financial year.

All new buses delivered included dual rear doors and passenger USB charging ports as standard features.

Principle 8: Give people more choice when it comes to housing 

Housing strategy

Action 8.2 Create and implement a housing strategy to ensure supply for people at every stage of life

Council has commenced research to support the development of a housing strategy.

Rates discounts

Action 8.3: Help Brisbane residents own their own home by continuing rates discounts for owner-occupiers and continuing the most generous pensioner rates discount in Australia.

Council continues to offer the most generous pensioner rates discounts (remissions) in Australia.

Read more about pensioner discounts and other discounts, remission and exemptions.

Council is making housing more affordable for residents to own their own home through the Lord Mayor's new First Home Buyer remission scheme. The new discount announced as part of the Lord Mayor's 2019-20 budget will commence on 1 October 2019, offering a 50% reduction on Council rates for first home buyers.

Read more about First Home Buyer remission scheme.

Retirement and aged care

Action 8.4: Cater for an ageing population with a Retirement and Aged Care Incentive Scheme.

The Lord Mayor announced in May 2019 that the Retirement Living and Aged Care Accommodation Incentive Scheme will be extended by 12 months until 31 December 2020.

Council progressed the Aged Care amendment package to the Queensland Government in late 2018 and approval to adopt the amendment was received in February 2019. The amendment was adopted by Council in early May 2019 and commenced 31 May 2019.

Read more about the Retirement and Aged Care Incentive Scheme and Citywide amendment – Retirement and aged care amendments package.

Housing target reporting

Action 8.5: Report on the housing targets set by the Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017.

The Queensland Government's Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report was released on 21 Dec 2018 and was informed by Council’s data. Council will continue to assist the Queensland Government with annual Land Supply and Development reporting. 

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