Principle 8: Give people more choice when it comes to housing

Action 8.1: Facilitate a wide range of housing types and sizes to cater for all Brisbane residents

Housing strategy

Council has commenced research to support the development of a housing strategy.

Brisbane City Plan 2014

Council’s Brisbane City Plan 2014 supports a wide range of housing types and sizes to cater for Brisbane residents established through neighbourhood plans, zones and zone precincts. The plan guides how land in Brisbane can be used and developed to support population growth, while protecting our city’s enviable way of life.

Read more about Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Universal housing

Council is committed to exploring options to increase the number of dwellings in Brisbane that are designed to be easier to access, navigate and live in to meet the changing need of occupants across their lifetimes.

Council has introduced an incentive payment equivalent to 33% of the Council infrastructure charges paid for new universal housing developments that are designed to meet the accessibility needs of all residents. Read more about the universal housing incentive scheme.

Investigations have commenced into a possible future Brisbane City Plan 2014 amendment to support the delivery of universal housing.

Action 8.2: Create and implement a housing strategy to ensure supply for people at every stage of life

Housing strategy

Council has commenced research to support the development of a housing strategy.

Action 8.3: Help Brisbane residents own their own home by continuing rates discounts for owner-occupiers and continuing the most generous pensioner rates discount in Australia

Rates discounts

Council continues to offer the most generous pensioner rates discounts (remissions) in Australia.

Read more about pensioner discounts and other discounts, remission and exemptions.

Council is making housing more affordable for residents to own their own home through the Lord Mayor's new First Home Buyer Remission scheme. The new discount announced as part of the Lord Mayor's 2019-20 budget commenced on 1 October 2019, offering a 50% reduction on Council rates for first home buyers.

Read more about First Home Buyer Remission scheme.

Action 8.4: Cater for an ageing population with a Retirement and Aged Care Incentive Scheme

Retirement and Aged Care Incentives Scheme

The Lord Mayor announced in May 2019 that the Retirement Living and Aged Care Accommodation Incentive Scheme will be extended by 12 months until 31 December 2020.

Read more about the Retirement and Aged Care Incentive Scheme.

Retirement and Aged Care Amendment package

Council’s Retirement and Aged Care Amendment package commenced in May 2019. The amendments package established a more streamlined approach to building, extending or upgrading retirement facilities and aged care facilities and encourages new facilities in preferred locations that meet best-practice design requirements.

Read more about City Plan amendments adopted and in progress.

Action 8.5: Report on the housing targets set by the Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017

Housing target reporting

The Queensland Government's Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report was released on 21 Dec 2018 and was informed by Council’s data. Council will continue to assist the Queensland Government with annual Land Supply and Development reporting. 

Last updated:10 December 2019