City Reach Waterfront Master Plan area: fly-through video - supporting information

This page provides supporting information for the City Reach Waterfront Master Plan fly-through video. 

Supporting information

The animated fly-through video shows the City Reach Waterfront area, highlighting significant buildings, common foot traffic routes to the area and its surrounding context in relation to the Brisbane Central Business District, the Story Bridge and surrounding suburbs.

Do you live, work or relax at the waterfront? You can help shape the City Reach Waterfront Master Plan.

The City Reach Waterfront includes more than 1.2 kilometres of river frontage, more than 1.5 hectares of open space, and more than 30 dining destinations.

Key future transport servicing the area will include the Brisbane Metro, and the Albert Street Cross River Rail station.

Other nearby infrastructure and facilities includes the City Botanic Gardens, River Access Hub, Eagle Street Pier, Admiralty Towers Park, and the Howard Smith Wharves area (which is under development).

Some of the buildings within the City Reach Waterfront area include Stamford Plaza, Waterfront Place, Riparian Plaza, One One One Eagle Street, Riverside Centre, Customs House, 480 Queen Street, Admiralty Towers, and 443 Queen Street (which is planned but not yet built).

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Last updated:9 May 2019