Community Planning Teams - video transcript

The following is a transcript of Brisbane City Council's YouTube video about Community Planning Teams and the role they play in neighbourhood planning.

Narrator:  Have your say on the future of your neighbourhood. Every day, Brisbane City Council works with residents and local communities to help make our city what it is today, with a long term vision for the future. One way Council is doing this is by creating neighbourhood plans that help shape how suburbs will grow.

How can you have your say on your local neighbourhood plan? You can visit and read about your local plan. Complete the online survey and tell us your ideas. Or you can join the Community Planning Team.

Nick, Community Planning Team (CPT) Member: Formulating a plan with community involvement is very important because at the end of the day there's a human element involved and we all want to be a part of a nice community.

Narrator: A Community Planning Team is a group of people who live, work, run a business or own property in a local area. They reflect the population of the area and have a broad range of jobs, interests and experience. You don’t need to be a city planner to join. Teams meet with Council city planners two to five times over six months. They provide local knowledge and feedback on specific proposals for their neighbourhood

Ann, Community Planning Team (CPT) Member: Your neighbourhood plan actually gets down to the local issues in your community that are going to affect every person within that community.

Narrator: These can include zoning changes to encourage new services and housing choice. You can also share information about what local heritage or character buildings are valued by your community, or provide input when new parks, footpaths, or transport options are needed.

CPT meetings include presentations from Council about the neighbourhood plan. There are also small group activities to help you tell Council your ideas. CPT members also get an insight into the city planning process, and help make a long term difference in their local area.

Neighbourhood plans typically take two years to be completed.

Ann, Community Planning Team (CPT) Member: As a person who believes very strongly in this community, I really wanted to give back to everyone. But also I had another reason, and that is that my children are part of this community and my grandchildren also will be at schools in this community, so it was a very good reason to spend a bit of time on CPT.

Emma, Community Planning Team (CPT) Member: I definitely enjoyed being a part of the CPT. It was a great experience, and being able to be with like-minded people that want to help out in your local community was great, and sharing ideas about what's important to our community was really important to me.    

Nick, Community Planning Team (CPT) Member: It’s easy to attend the meetings and schedule everything around the meetings. It was certainly not onerous and I actually enjoyed being a part of it.

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Last updated:9 May 2019