Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan

Following input and feedback from residents, Brisbane City Council has prepared a draft update to the Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan. Once complete, it will become part of Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) and set guidelines for future development in the area.

The draft plan was publicly notified for community submissions from 5 October to 19 November 2018. Council is now reviewing the submissions received. Following the review, Council will publish a report on this web page on how submissions have been addressed.

Highlights of the draft neighbourhood plan include:

  • maintaining strong building height controls to preserve views to and from the Story Bridge
  • rezoning land under the Story Bridge from High density residential to Community purposes to promote the creative use of space underneath the bridge
  • facilitating mixed-use development in focused areas along Main Street to promote new businesses and services
  • protecting two additional properties through the City Plan Heritage Overlay
  • protecting more trees through the City Plan Significant Landscape Tree Overlay.

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Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan area

View the Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan area in a larger map.

The neighbourhood plan area is the inner-city peninsula of Kangaroo Point, bounded by the Brisbane River, Mowbray Park, Shafston Avenue and the southern boundary of St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

Community engagement

Neighbourhood planning involves Council and the community working together and there have been a number of opportunities to have your say during the plan’s development. The below table lists community input so far.

Neighbourhood Planning timeline
6 October to 4 November 2016Online survey

30 November 2016

Community Planning Team meeting
9 March 2017Community Planning Team meeting
23 October 2017Community Planning Team meeting
27 October to 8 December 2017Draft renewal strategy released for feedback
4 and 29 November 2017Information kiosks at locations within the neighbourhood plan area
5 October to 19 November 2018Draft neighbourhood plan open for public consultation


Neighbourhood Planning timeline
Late 2016 to mid-2017

Background research and strategy development.

CPT nominations opened 6 October 2016 and closed 4 November 2016.

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You can also view the Kangaroo Point 1986-2015 video presentation.

October to December 2017

Kangaroo Point Peninsula Draft Renewal Strategy released and community consultation opened 27 October to 8 December 2017.

View a video of the renewal strategy highlights on YouTube.

Download the:

March to August 2018First Queensland Government review.
5 October to 19 November 2018

Draft neighbourhood plan open for public consultation. 

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Early 2019Second Queensland Government review.
Mid-2019Adoption and inclusion as part of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint

After input from more than 100,000 residents, in June 2018 Council released Brisbane's Future Blueprint with eight principles to guide Brisbane’s future growth. One of these principles is creating a city of neighbourhoods where residents are close to the services they need and the lifestyle and leisure options they want.

Council creates plans like the Kangaroo Point Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan to help make this long-term vision a reality. 

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Last updated:28 February 2019