Local projects finalised in 2014-15

Neighbourhood plans and other local planning projects help manage change and growth at a local level. After the introduction of Brisbane City Plan 2014 on 30 June 2014, Brisbane City Council started working with the community on a number of new local planning projects.

Review of house building height in Wynnum Manly

Brisbane City Plan 2014 increased the citywide maximum building height for houses from 8.5 metres to 9.5 metres. During the public notification of the draft Brisbane City Plan in 2013 some residents raised concerns about the proposed height increase in Wynnum-Manly. 

In late 2014 Council conducted a survey of property owners in part of the Wynnum Manly area on a potential reduction of the maximum height from 9.5 metres to 8.5 metres within the Low Density Residential and Character Residential (Character) zones. Council agreed to investigate the proposed building height change further if majority support from property owners was received. 

The results showed that 38.3% supported a reduction in the maximum building height from 9.5 metres to 8.5 metres across the defined area.

The results were also analysed by zone. This showed that there was 44.1% support for a building height reduction in the Character Residential Zone (Character), 35.6% in the Low Density Residential zone and 35.5% in the Low-medium Density Residential zone (2 or 3 storey mix).

These results meant that Council did not further investigate a building height reduction, and the current maximum building height of 9.5m for houses in the Character Residential zone (Character) and Low Density Residential zone was retained.

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Last updated: 9 May 2019

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