Local projects finalised in 2019

Neighbourhood plans and other local planning projects help manage change and growth at a local level. The following neighbourhood plans were finalised by Brisbane City Council in 2019.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan

On Tuesday 14 May 2019, Brisbane City Council adopted an amendment to Brisbane City Plan 2014 to incorporate provisions of The Gap Neighbourhood Plan. The plan is effective in Brisbane City Plan 2014 from Friday 31 May 2019.

Key outcomes of community input reflected in the draft plan include:

  • maintaining The Gap’s traditional suburban, low-density character
  • protecting the environment and greenspace, including several significant trees
  • encouraging redevelopment of The Gap Village shopping centre to provide better walking connections with adjoining parks and residential areas
  • allowing diverse housing types (up to three storeys in height) in a limited area near The Gap Village shopping centre. This will allow for residents to continue to live in The Gap as their needs change over time
  • providing more guidance about what development may occur on sites already zoned for residential use. This will be done by outlining the type of housing suitable for the sites and clearly mapping ecological features to be protected. 

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Last updated:2 July 2019