Virtual Brisbane

Virtual Brisbane is an innovative, computer-generated, three-dimensional (3D) model of urban development activity in Brisbane. It plays a vital role in helping Brisbane City Council plan for our city’s future growth.

The technology enables the visualisation and analysis of development in relation to the existing urban environment. It provides a level of detail not previously possible.

Watch a video on the benefits of Virtual Brisbane

You can also watch this video on Council's YouTube channel or read the text version.

Planning tool for Brisbane’s future

Virtual Brisbane is an important strategic planning, development assessment and community engagement tool for Council. Benefits of the model include:

  • assisting with decision making on proposed development by providing visualisation in a realistic 3D context
  • built-in impact assessment tools such as shadow impacts and object measurement helps to analyse height, orientation and design of proposed development and their cumulative impacts on the surrounding area
  • streamlines the process of planning and 3D visualisation with scenario modelling and analysis throughout the development of planning policy
  • video fly-throughs and virtual reality experiences which help communicate planning policy and strategies.

More information

For more information, email the project team.

Last updated:30 April 2019