Virtual Brisbane video transcript

Virtual Brisbane video – 2.07 mins


(Female narrator):

Welcome to Virtual Brisbane – Brisbane City Council’s computer-generated 3D model of the city. Keep watching to learn how this innovative technology helps Council plan for our growing city. 

Virtual Brisbane is a spatially accurate and interactive 3D model of the city’s CBD and inner-five kilometres.

It allows Council planners to analyse proposed developments and planning scenarios in greater detail and make more informed decisions about how our city grows.

By animating a proposed development in Virtual Brisbane, our planners can view it from an unlimited range of aspects including ground level, mid-height and birds-eye views.

We can vary the time of day and assess the impacts of height, orientation and design on the surrounding area.

We can also consider other scenarios like adding extra parks and trees to support new development, and test what impacts development might have on local infrastructure networks.

Virtual Brisbane can also help residents better understand the future of their neighbourhood and city, and have their say. 

By using Virtual Brisbane our planners are able to show residents planning scenarios for their local neighbourhood in a 3D environment – much better than sketches or artist impressions. 

For more information on Brisbane City Council’s Virtual Brisbane, call (07) 3403 8888 or visit


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Last updated:9 May 2019