Brisbane Industrial Strategy

Brisbane City Council has a strong plan to enhance our city’s vibrant lifestyle and meet the needs of future generations. Council has released the Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019 to protect Brisbane's supply of industrial land, support future infrastructure and provide a future-focused, strategic approach to encourage industrial development and investment over time.


Council is currently reviewing the industrial strategy. To find out more, read the Our Productive City: Brisbane’s Industrial Future, a draft strategy which outlines how to maximise Brisbane’s industrial land.

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Highlights of the Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019 include:

  • protecting existing industrial land and maximising its efficient use
  • encouraging industry to locate (or stay) in the right places by making development easier to do when it is an appropriate distance from houses and other non-industrial uses
  • encouraging increased hours of operation for industry to match its location and impacts in order to make the most efficient use of land, infrastructure and equipment
  • providing greater flexibility to support the ongoing evolution and advancement of contemporary industry while continuing to manage impacts
  • enhancing Brisbane's industrial precincts to meet evolving industrial demand, facilitate business and infrastructure investment, and improve services needed to attract a skilled workforce.

Community engagement

Council released a draft of the strategy for comment from 27 October 2017 until 8 December 2017. We received submissions on matters including:

  • future planning for the Hyde Road, Yeronga, industrial area
  • facilitating a land-use mix in industrial areas
  • support for logistics, distribution and warehousing in all industrial zones and precincts
  • balancing flexibility for industry operation and managing industrial impacts
  • alignment of the strategy with ShapingSEQ: South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017.


The Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019 identifies nine actions for implementation to support the industrial economy and jobs, facilitating the growth and evolution of Brisbane's industrial future.

The actions provide greater flexibility to support the ongoing evolution and advancement of contemporary industry, while continuing to manage impacts.

The actions will be delivered by a number of statutory and non-statutory mechanisms, including amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014.

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Last updated: 24 August 2021
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