Valley Sound Machine

The Valley Sound Machine is an online tool that lets you experience simulated noise levels at different times and places in the Fortitude Valley Special Entertainment Precinct.

If you plan to purchase, rent, renovate or design new apartments in the Valley Special Entertainment Precinct, the Valley Sound Machine may give you an idea of what you are likely to hear:

Experience the Valley Sound Machine

While the Valley Sound Machine is best heard with headphones or speakers, you can also use your computer's in-built speakers.

To get the best experience from the Valley Sound Machine, make sure your computer's audio equipment is 'on', and the volume is set to a comfortable level.

Note: The sounds that you hear on the Valley Sound Machine are not designed to be an absolute representative of noise levels at all times in all places of the Valley.

This is a Flash application and may take longer to download due to the large file size.  You can download Flash Player 9 for free.

Last updated: 18 November 2019