Kenrose Street, Carina Village Precinct Project

Brisbane City Council is investing $600,000 in a streetscape improvement project to revitalise the neighbourhood shopping precinct on Kenrose Street, Carina.

Council is working with the local community to revitalise the Kenrose Street shopping strip, making sure it is an attractive, connected and safe centre for locals and visitors.

This is part of Council’s commitment to create a city of neighbourhoods and improving the amenity of local retail villages with better paths, trees and seating, plus new creative outcomes.

Community consultation and engagement

Council launched the Kenrose Street, Carina Village Precinct Project in early August 2019. The local community was encouraged to become involved in the planning for the improvement proposal by providing feedback via an online survey and by sharing ideas in person at the information kiosk held on 31 August 2019, with 119 surveys completed.

The improvement proposal has been prepared in response to the community's feedback. In summary, feedback and suggestions from the community on the look and feel of the existing centre highlighted the need to improve:

  • planting, shade and greenery
  • spaces to sit or stay
  • overall streetscape amenity
  • ease of using footpaths
  • pedestrian safety.

View the improvement proposal

Proposed improvements include:

  • footpath upgrades to improve accessibility, maintenance and visual amenity
  • pedestrian crossing upgrades by realigning existing pedestrian crossings, adding pedestrian refuges, adding cautionary tactile paving to existing kerb ramps where possible and reconstructing existing ramps to improve accessibility
  • build-outs in the road carriageway with tree planting to enhance visual and physical amenity, shade, traffic calming and pedestrian safety
  • groundcover plantings to new and existing garden beds
  • new street furniture and unique seating
  • potential artwork murals on Bradnor and Ramsden Streets.

Download the improvement proposal plan:

The improvement proposal plan can also be viewed at:

Creative outcomes

The community was invited to share their ideas for the public space improvements for the project during August and September 2019. The feedback helped inform the rationale for improvements to the centre. The intent of the creative outcomes is to promote a sense of connection throughout the area, improve the centre's identity and celebrate local character.

Two murals are proposed as part of the creative outcome for the site: one on Bradnor Street and the other on Ramsden Street, which bookend the site. The murals will be informed by local community stories that will be collated through a community workshop attended by local business and community groups.

Construction timing and impacts

Construction is planned to begin in mid-October 2019 and is expected to be completed in late December 2019, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Construction will primarily take place between 7pm-5am, Sunday to Thursday. The majority of works will be undertaken at night when pedestrian volumes are lowest to ensure the safety of pedestrians and to minimise disruptions to businesses. Some daytime construction works will be required and undertaken between 7am-5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Access to local businesses will be maintained during business hours throughout the construction period.

Properties in close proximity to the work may experience some construction noise, dust and vibration, however, every effort will be made to minimise the impacts on the local community. Due to workplace health and safety requirements, reversing beepers cannot be switched off.

Council is committed to minimising the impact of the works on the community as much as possible. We would like to thank local residents in advance for their patience and understanding during these works.

Placemaking activity

Everyone will be invited to attend placemaking activity to celebrate the completion of the project. More information will be provided in the coming months.

More information

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Last updated:13 November 2019