Applying and post approval

Learn about the development application process, types of applications, how to lodge development applications and avoid assessment delays. You can also have your say on development applications and check the status of a development application. Information can also be found on pre-lodgement advice for development approval and information on eLodgement.


Preparing an application

Find all of the information you will need to prepare a properly made development application including key information, forms, guidelines and report. You can also read about common problems with applications.

Have your say on development applications

You or a number of people in your community can make a submission to tell Council if you support or oppose a particular development.

How to get advice

Brisbane City Council offers a number of ways to help. Find out how you can get assistance with, or more information on, your development application.

Lodging an application

Find out the different ways that you can lodge your development application and the fees that you will need to pay.

Infrastructure charges

Information about infrastructure charges, including Brisbane Infrastructure Charges Resolutions.

Development assessment fees

Find out which fees are applicable to your development, including building application fees, compliance and inspection fees, plan sealing fees and fee discounts.

Fast-tracked applications (RiskSMART)

RiskSMART is a simple and fast way to get certain types of development proposals approved by Brisbane City Council.

Application types

Read about the different types of development applications. Some projects fit within the rules for planning and building, whereas others require more examination including the opportunity for community feedback.

After your development is approved

Find out what happens once a development is approved, including information about other approvals, building certification and plumbing and drainage approvals.

How applications are assessed

Learn about the process that Council takes when assessing a development application.