After your development is approved

After your planning application is approved, there are other approvals you may need before you can start your project. These include operational works, building approval, plan sealing and erosion and sediment control. In some instances, prior to seeking these approvals, you may want to make changes to your development approval. You need to be aware that penalties apply for unauthorised work and you may need to pay the Portable Long Service Levy for building and construction work.


Changes to development approvals

In some circumstances, you may want to make changes or apply for an extension to a development approval you have received from Council. Find out how to apply.

Operational works

Once you have your final development approval and conditions, you may need to get approval for an operational works application before you can proceed with your project.

Building approval

Your project may also require building approval from a private building certifier. Certifiers are responsible for lodging building approvals and certifications with Council.

Erosion and sediment control

Find out the erosion and sediment control measures you need to put in place to protect the environment.

Plan sealing for subdivisions

If your development involves subdivision, you will need to submit a plan sealing request for Council to endorse (also known as sealing) the subdivision plan.

Unauthorised work

Make sure you have all the approvals in place, as penalties apply when work is carried out without approval.

Environmental offsets

Your development approval may require environmental offsets to be provided. Find out how to deliver these environmental offsets.

Portable long service levy

Before approval of operational works applications, applicants need to pay the Portable Long Service Levy.

Out of hours construction approval

It is the responsibility of developers, builders and contractors to ensure noise impacts on nearby properties are minimal, and they comply with the building work times.