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Council condition compliance assessment

Compliance assessment is a development assessment process introduced for the assessment of compliance with conditions imposed on a development approval where those conditions require the submission of drawings and/or documents for the approval of Council.

This assessment also refers to the process for checking compliance with all the conditions imposed on a Reconfiguration of Lot prior to approval (or sealing) of the subdivision plan.


Compliance assessment for:

Plan sealing Requires submission of a request as described in the Planning Regulation 2017.
Operational work conditioned on a development permit for Reconfiguring a Lot Requires lodgement of an application as described in Planning Act 2016 for a development permit for Operational Work.
Any other condition imposed on a development approval where that condition requires Council’s approval of drawings and/or documents Requires submission of a request form quoting the relevant condition number and the related Council development approval reference number.

Key facts to know

You will need to get compliance approved before starting any development.

Approval prospects

To assist you in compliance assessment process, the following scenarios outline some typical outcomes:

  1. If the drawing and/or documents comply with the criteria referred to in a condition, Council will issue approval in the form of a development permit (for operational work on a reconfiguration of lot) or an approval letter (for any other condition requiring approval of drawings and/or documents). Conditions may be imposed as part of the approval.
  2. If works, drawings and/or documents do not comply, Council may issue an Information Request (for operational work on a Reconfiguration of Lot) or for any other condition requiring approval of drawings and/or documents. Council may negotiate changes to the drawings and/or documents.
  3. In relation to approval of a subdivision plan, if all conditions imposed on a Reconfiguration of Lot have been satisfied, Council will issue a compliance certificate. If all conditions have not been satisfied, Council may issue an action notice. Should an action notice be issued a new compliance assessment request is required to be lodged with the identified issues addressed.

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Infrastructure Charges  

Brisbane City Council levies infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process. These charges apply when a subdivision (reconfiguring a lot) or material change of use occurs that generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks.

Council levies infrastructure charges under the Brisbane’s Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (BAICRs)

Application fees

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13 June 2017