RiskSMART application process

A RiskSMART application is a low risk development proposal that will have little impact on your neighbourhood and environment and which can comply with the requirements in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Once submitted to Brisbane City Council, RiskSMART development applications can usually be decided within five working days of an application becoming decision-ready. For impact assessable applications, this commences once public notification requirements have been fulfilled.

Eligible applications 

The following types of applications are eligible for RiskSMART:

Make a RiskSMART application

You must use a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant to make a RiskSMART application.

The fees for accredited consultants may vary. You will need to factor the Council application fee into the total fee cost.

With their knowledge of Council's application process, accredited consultants can quickly assess your proposal against current planning regulations. If there are any issues, the consultant can bring these to your attention before submitting your application to Council.

RiskSMART helps you to:

  • reduce costs, waiting time and 'red tape'
  • increase certainty for your project.

RiskSMART process

Council operates an accreditation system to enable competent and experienced consultants to participate in the RiskSMART process.

Council accredited consultants:

  • ensure the proposed development complies with the lodgement and application type criteria
  • takes responsibility for ensuring the application is properly made
  • assess the proposal against the relevant City Plan requirements
  • provide recommended development conditions
  • are accountable for the accuracy of the information provided to Council.

Council makes a decision on the application lodged by the accredited consultant.

Applications recommended for approval by a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant are likely to be approved by Council.

04 June 2018