Fast-tracking development applications via RiskSMART

RiskSMART is a simple and fast way to get low-risk development proposals approved by Brisbane City Council.

Applications must be prepared, lodged, and certified by a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant. In return, Council guarantees that the application will be decided quickly.

RiskSMART applications receive a 20% discount on Council application fees for applications lodged between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.


Accredited RiskSMART consultants

RiskSMART consultants are able to offer you a quicker, cheaper and more efficient option for low-risk development applications.

Fast track application process

Find out how to lodge a RiskSMART development application and the application process.

Information for RiskSMART consultants

Information for industry professionals on how to become a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant and how to use the Council RiskSMART graphic suite.