Assessment Stage 1: Initial review | Brisbane City Council

Assessment Stage 1: Initial review

The Lodgement Support Services Team review every development application lodged.

For each application, an initial review determines:

  • if there are any clear gaps in the information provided
  • what expert referrals are necessary
  • if referral is required to any state government agencies
  • major and minor issues to be considered in the assessment of the application
  • who needs to approve the application.

Once reviewed, the application is allocated the application to an assessment manager, and may be referred to specialists to review the application.

If the application is impact assessable, the assessment manager will send a confirmation notice to the applicant within 10 days of the made date.

For code assessable applications, the assessment manager only sends a confirmation notice if there are external referral agencies or the applicant has elected not to receive an information request.

Should the application submitted not provide the correct requirements for lodgement then the applicant will be contacted so that these requirements can be provided. Formal contact may occur through the issuing of an action notice to resolve any not properly made aspects of the application prior to a confirmation notice being issued. 

The assessment manager then assesses the application, incorporating comments from other professionals/specialists such as engineers. Sometimes, an information request is sent to the applicant to obtain more information or clarification.

03 July 2017