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Advertising impact assessable applications

Impact assessable advertising has three parts:

  • publishing a notice in a newspaper circulating generally in the Brisbane City area (such as The Courier Mail or Quest local newspapers)
  • placing a notice on all road frontages of the land
  • giving a letter to owners of all adjoining land

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The notification sign placed on the land, the requirements for placing a public notice in a newspaper and giving notice to adjoining land owners must be in accordance with the requirements outlined within Schedule 3 – Public notice requirements of the Development Assessment Rules (DA Rules).  

When can the public notification start?

Notification can start as soon as either the:

  • confirmation notice is given, provided there are no referral agencies and that the assessment manager states in the confirmation notice that the assessment manager does not intend making an information request; or
  • confirmation notice is given, provided there are no referral agencies and that the applicant has advised that they do not agree to accept an information request; or
  • information request period ends and if no information request has been made during this period; or
  • applicant responds to all information requests and gives copies of any responses to the assessment manager and if applicable, the referral agency.

Depending on the circumstances of a particular application, all requirements of public notification must commence within 20 business days of completing the last relevant action:

  • the confirmation notice has been sent, there are no referral agencies and the Assessment Manager has advised that an information request will not be given or the applicant has advised that they do not agree to accept an information request
  • a response to any information request given has been provided under part 3 of the DA rules.

Prior to commencing public notification, the applicant must give the assessment manager a notice of the intended start date of public notification. 

How long is the notification period?

The notification period is a minimum of:

  • 30 business days for a variation request; or
  • 15 business days for all other development application types. 

Notification does not include business days between 20 December and 5 January in the following year.

03 July 2017