How development applications are assessed

The Brisbane City Council development application assessment process begins once an application has been submitted, accepted as properly made and the application fee paid.

An application is entered into Council's record keeping systems and then electronically made available to Development Assessment Branch Staff who are assigned to assess the application.

The development application assessment process follows set stages:

Assessment Stage 1: Initial review

The application is reviewed at a high level by a multi-disciplinary team and allocated to an assessment manager.

Assessment Stage 2: Requests and referrals

Council may request further information from the applicant or require the applicant to seek further external agency advice, approvals or permits.

Assessment Stage 3: Advertising and notification

For some applications, the applicant or their representative will carry out public notification of the development application.

Assessment Stage 4: Decision and conditions

Council reviews all information and makes a decision to approve or refuse the application.

Assessment Stage 5: Appeals

After Council has made a decision on an application an applicant or member of the community may appeal against the Council decision.

27 June 2017