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Fee discounts

Fee discounts are offered to some specific groups or if you have utilised RiskSMART to submit your development application.


Applications lodged by a Council RiskSMART accredited consultant will attract a discount of 20% off the standard relevant assessment fees, providing the application meets all the necessary requirements to be lodged as a Council RiskSMART application.

Religious and charitable organisations

Applications by religious or charitable organisations listed in Appendix A of the Schedule of Fees and Charges are entitled to a 50% discount. If the proposal is primarily for commercial purposes, no discount will be allowed.

Refund of fees

Applicants may request a fee refund when withdrawing an application.

All requests for a fee refund must be made in writing to the Manager, Development Services. The decision to grant a refund is made on a case-by-case basis.

01 July 2018