Rates and water balance enquiries

A current rates balance enquiry is generally undertaken to confirm the account balance just before settlement of a property transfer. A full Inspection of Records Search is however recommended for conveyancing.

This enquiry states the current status of a rates account. You can use this information to identify any arrears in an account, and to calculate the daily amount of rates to apportion the amount to be paid by the seller and purchaser on settlement day.

This information is free of charge if you meet the privacy act requirements by providing specific property and ownership details.

A current rates balance enquiry provides:

  • address details
  • quarterly rates
  • property description
  • current financial position.

It is important to note that the information in a current rates balance enquiry is only valid up to the date of lodgement.

You can perform a current rates balance enquiry though Council's online services.

Water balance enquiries

Queensland Urban Utilities delivers water and wastewater services to customers in Brisbane. For water and sewerage balance enquiries, visit the Queensland Utilities Website and complete an Online Balance Enquiry.

28 July 2014