Researching a property

""Before buying a property you will want to research some general information to inform your decision.

Zoning, neighbourhood plans and overlays

You will need to find out the property’s zoning and whether it is located within a neighbourhood plan or an overlay that may affect development. This information helps you find out:

  • what you are able to use the property for under Brisbane’s planning rules
  • the property's development potential
  • what approvals would be required for common residential and business projects.

Depending on the type of development you are proposing, and the location and characteristics of the site, you may need to submit a development application to Brisbane City Council.

Planning approval

A PD Online property enquiry can help you determine if the proposal requires Council approval. You can also phone 07 3403 8888 to speak to a town planner. 

You can also download a free Floodwise Property Report and use the interactive Flood Awareness Maps to identify the flood risk for a property.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can contact Council on 07 3403 8888 for advice specific to your situation.

Advice in writing

You can purchase the following conveyancing searches:

Written advice from a Council town planner about the property is available for a fee. Find out how to request written information.

Expert help

You can get expert help from industry professionals, such as:

  • town planners to understand the development potential of your property
  • solicitors to assist you with the purchasing process.

Property sale information

If you want to find out information about previous sale prices for a property, you can carry out a Queensland Valuation and Sales (QVAS) search via the Queensland Government.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) can also provide statistical information for property sales, such as median house prices for a particular suburb.

Understand the local area

View Council’s Brisbane Suburbs information to access suburb maps and find details of the local parks and libraries.

You can also download free Community Profiles that provide detailed demographic, social and economic information about each suburb.

Other useful links

The Queensland Government also provides information for buying and owning a home.

More information

If you wish to find out more Council's fact sheet Using the City Plan can provide additional information.

19 August 2015