Buying, selling and searches

Find out the types of information that you may need when buying or selling property.

This information is provided as a guide only. Council recommends you seek legal advice and consult your agent regarding your specific situation.


Researching a property

Before buying a property you will need to do some research. Check the zoning to find out the permitted use to see what you are able to use the property for under Brisbane’s planning rules. You can also find out the development potential, property sale information and details about the local area.

Previous development applications and approvals

Find out how to view previous applications and approvals for a property and how you can purchase written advice of this in a limited, standard or full Planning and Development Certificate.

Inspections of records search

Request this conveyance search to find out the current financial position and any issues with the property before settlement.

Building searches

Check if the property you want to buy has all the necessary approvals by doing a building search.

Rates and water balance enquiries

Use Council’s free online service to check the rates balance and contact Queensland Urban Utilities for a water balance.

Building plans

Find out how to request copies of approved building plans for the property.

Changing ownership and records

Find out the process for changing ownership details and the fees that will apply. You can also update your address for Council services.

Information for real estate agents

Useful Council information for real estate agents marketing property.

Conveyance search fees

Information about Brisbane City Council's online conveyance search service's fees and charges.