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Filling and excavation

""If you need to fill or excavate your property, find out the key facts about the property, then use Brisbane City Council's information to learn if your project needs approval.


Brisbane City Plan 2014 defines filling and excavation as the removal or importation of material to, from or within a lot that will change the ground level of the land.

Planning approval

Where you are proposing to increase the depth and height of the ground level by no more than one vertical metre, the work does not need assessment against the City Plan.

However, where the site is located within a neighbourhood plan area, or is affected by an overlay, the development may be assessable development and approval from Council may be required.

For example, if your property is located in a Flood overlay, top dressing to a depth of less than 100 millimetres can be undertaken in particular circumstances without an application.

To find out if your property is in a location that is subject to an overlay or neighbourhood plan, you can search the key facts about a property. For more information on how to work out if you need to submit an application you can visit how to work out your category of assessment.

If the work is in an area identified in one of the following overlays under the City Plan, a development application may be required. The overlays may include:

If you are proposing to fill or excavate a property, the work will require a development permit unless approval is not required.

Development permit

If the proposal does not meet the requirements identified here, then a code assessable application will need to be submitted to Council. Please note that where the site is located within a neighbourhood plan area, or is affected by an overlay as identified here, additional assessment criteria may apply.

A code assessable development application must be submitted to Council, unless approval is unnecessary as described earlier.

Find out more information about how to apply for development approval.

You may need to engage a town planner or engineer for expert help with this application.

Extractive industry

If you are proposing to extract gravel, rock, sand or soil from the place where it occurs naturally, you will need to submit an impact assessable development application to Council for Extractive industry.

Specific advice

If there are overlays located on your property or you are located in a neighbourhood plan area, contact Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) for advice specific to your situation.

03 July 2017