Dwellings | Brisbane City Council


Whether you are building a new house, a duplex, multiple dwelling or extending, raising or renovating an existing house or unit, Brisbane City Council provides all of the information that you will need to undertake your project. This includes preferred locations for your project, plus any constraints, exemptions or other approvals you will need.

Council also provides all of the information you will need to build or extend on a small lot or to demolish, remove or relocate a house in Brisbane.

New house

Most houses may be built in residential parts of the city without a planning application, subject to meeting some basic rules.

Small lot projects

A house may be built on a small lot in residential parts of the city without a planning application as long as the house meets some rules.

Duplex (dual occupancy)

A duplex may be built in some parts of the city and requires planning approval from Council.

Multiple dwellings

If you are considering building a multiple dwelling (previously known as multi-unit dwellings), you will need planning approval from Council.

Extensions, raising and renovations

Planning on extending, renovating or raising your house? Find out what you need to do to meet the building and planning requirements for extensions, raising and renovations.

Demolishing, removal and relocating

If you are planning to remove, relocate or demolish a building, or part of a building in Brisbane, you will need to check if the property is part of a protected area that requires a planning approval from Council.


16 November 2016