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Landscaping your property

""General landscaping in residential areas does not need planning approval from Brisbane City Council or a building application. You do not need anything in writing from Council to start your landscaping project.

However, when you are submitting a development application for certain development, such as for a multiple dwelling, Council may require a 'landscape concept plan' in support of the application. This plan is scaled drawings of the development showing the proposed landscaping treatments for external spaces needed for development applications to confirm compliance with the requirements in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Where a properly prepared landscape concept plan is submitted with a development application, a condition of the approval may be applied that only requires private certification from an appropriate professional to demonstrate the finished project complies with the approval. This means that a detailed landscape plan does not need to be lodged with Council for further assessment. This can save time and money.

Your landscaping plans must meet the requirements of the Landscape work code in the City Plan. The requirements aim to:

  • protect and integrate significant on-site vegetation into the development design
  • ensure acoustic barriers and landscaping create effective buffers to adjacent sites
  • provide for sustainable, effective, functional and safe landscape design
  • ensure that planting species selection is appropriate to the development's context and function.

When submitting your landscaping plan, you need to ensure that the plans are drawn to scale, and clearly identify the:

  • proposed building footprint
  • existing and proposed landscaping details such as the location of trees (including species), fences and retaining walls.

Advice on suitable species of plants is contained in the Planting species planning scheme policy in the City Plan.

A professional landscape architect can help to ensure your landscape concept plan is acceptable. If the plan is not acceptable, assessment of your development proposal may require amendment to incorporate sufficient landscaping area and a condition of any approval is likely to require the preparation of a detailed landscape plan for further approval.

17 July 2014