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Scope of painting work

This document outlines the scope of work for painting a heritage place.

It is designed to be adapted for a specific project by the property owner or consultant acting on behalf of the owner, contracting a painter to undertake work.

It is the owner or consultant’s responsibility to negotiate an agreement regarding the terms and conditions for producing the specifications and to seek legal advice if required.

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Specifications to undertake painting work

This document will help to provide information for the painter and is designed to be adapted to a specific painting job.

The specifications for the painter should include:

  • name of property owner/consultant
  • address details of property 
  • aim of project
  • scope of work
  • areas to be painted/not painted
  • liaison arrangements
  • quotes/prices
  • expected timetable.

Clauses to include

Clauses should also be included in the project specifications relating to:

  • payment(s)
  • fee proposals to undertake the painting project and hourly rates for any separate portions of work (where required)
  • any changes to the scope of work
  • work experience of the painters carrying out the work.

More information on painting

For more information contact Council's Heritage Unit.

28 July 2014