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Building near the boundary

There are rules that govern the distance a house and other structures are from the front, rear and side property boundaries. Find out more about the standard setback requirements and how to apply for a siting variation if required.

""Rules for boundary setback

The Queensland Development Code regulates the siting of a single detached building and other associated structures. Find out the boundary setbacks required for lots under 450 square metres and for lots 450 square metres and over.

""Siting variation express assessment

Certain types of buildings and structures are eligible for a siting variation express assessment application.This is a streamlined process that provides you with a response from Council within three working days from when you submit the application online.

""Siting variation full assessment

A full assessment siting variation application is required if the proposal does not meet the eligibility criteria for express assessment. Find out how to apply for this type of siting variation. There are both standard and building certifier fast track options.

""Neighbours and siting variations

Council recommends you advise your neighbours if you are planning to build near the boundary and need a siting variation. Full assessment applications require a written outcome of your consultation with your neighbours or advice why this could not occur.


18 March 2019