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Siting Variation Express Assessment

Siting variation express is a streamlined process that provides you with a response from Council within three working days when you submit the application online. Applications can be made by anyone proposing to undertake building work.  While the application does not need to be lodged by a building certifier or design professional, a building certifier does need to be engaged to obtain a building permit as a Siting Variation Express is not an approval or a permit to commence work. 

Determine whether your project is eligible

Your proposal may be eligible for a siting variation express assessment if it does not involve any of the following:

  • a corner lot
  • small lot
  • heritage place
  • easement area
  • designated waterway corridor
  • protected vegetation
  • aspects protected by a covenant
  • area described by a building location plan.

Siting Variation Express is available for variations to road setbacks, side/rear setbacks and site cover for certain types of building work where they comply with specific criteria for the express application set out in the Application for Siting Variation Online Form

If your proposal is ineligible for express assessment, you can use the same online form to apply for a Siting Variation Full Assessment.

Notify your neighbour

Council recommends that you notify the impacted neighbours of your proposed building work. Find out more about Neighbours and siting variations.


The application fee is $218.45 (nil GST) in the 2018-19 financial year. Note that in addition to Council’s fee, the building certifier will charge for their services.

How to apply

The application process includes the following:

1. Before you start

To submit this application online you are required to include supporting documentation, including:

  • dimensioned site plan indicating north point (1:200 scale)
  • dimensioned floor plans  (1:100 scale)
  • dimensioned elevations (1:100 scale)
  • contours and ground levels
  • plans to indicate all building and structures on the property
  • site photos

2. Application for Siting Variation Online Form

Complete the Siting Variation Online Form. You will have the opportunity to select express assessment as the application.

You will need to have a MasterCard or Visa available to make payment and your attachments ready to upload.

Hard copy application

Alternatively you can apply by completing the hard copy forms.

18 March 2019