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Prohibited development

Certain types of projects are simply not allowed to be built and applications for these projects cannot be lodged or assessed. These projects are referred to as prohibited development.

Prohibited development is development that only the state has the power prohibit. It is limited to a very small number of things. No one can apply for approval to undertake prohibited development. Brisbane City Plan 2014 is not allowed to prohibit development unless  the prohibition is established by the state under the Planning Regulation 2017

Schedule 10 of the Planning Regulation 2017 details specific situations where prohibited development applies to include the following activities:

  • development on contaminated land under identified circumstances
  • clearing native vegetation other than for a relevant purpose
  • brothels under identified circumstances
  • urban activities in priority koala assessable development areas under identified circumstances
  • operational works in wetland protection areas under identified circumstances

For full detail of where prohibited development applies to these activities, access Schedule 10 of the Planning Regulation 2017.

Prohibited development may also be identified in:

  • Brisbane City Plan 2014

A development application cannot be made for or include prohibited development. 

03 July 2017