Reference specifications for Civil Engineering Work | Brisbane City Council

Reference specifications for Civil Engineering Work

The Reference Specifications for Civil Engineering work show the requirements acceptable to Brisbane City Council for work:

  • to be constructed for Council
  • in a development to be delivered to Council.

Your application needs to include any work provisions that are not included in the reference specifications. You can submit alternative provisions for Council approval.

There are two parts of the specifications system:

Council recommends that the reference specifications are followed to make the approval process easier.

If you need to modify the reference specifications, this can be done by:

  • a job specification, and/or
  • an annexure to the specifications, and/or
  • any additional specifications, and/or
  • any other modifying instrument.

You only need to submit modifying instruments for Council approval. You must incorporate the reference specification in the tender documents either by reference alone (quoting an edition date) or by reference and physically.

You need to have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Viewer installed on your computer to view or print this document.

Download the reference specifications:

21 November 2018