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Technical Details

This chapter provides detailed information for the elements and materials outlined in the Footway Elements and Materials section of the Streetscape Design Chapter. It includes the Public Art - Developer Handbook, references to relevant policies, guidelines and standards. 

Pedestrian shelter

Brisbane City Council approves the use of certain shading techniques to protect pedestrians.

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Artwork Construction Scaffold Wraps

Council requires development within the Central Business District to provide temporary artwork construction scaffold wraps during construction to conceal construction sites. The intent of this is to improve the vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane's city centre.

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Public Art - Developer Handbook Percent for Art Contribution

This handbook has been produced by Council to assist developers and their consultants to undertake successful artwork projects. It provides a step by step guide to Council's conceptual objectives and processes.

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Heritage kerbs

The stone remnants of Brisbane's road infrastructure provide evidence of the city's early development and of changing road building and drainage methods. This section provides details about the retention of existing heritage kerbs.

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17 July 2014