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Use this section to find information on Brisbane City Plan 2014, as well as planning guidelines and tools. Access Brisbane's Future Blueprint - a plan with eight principles to guide our future planning decisions.

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Brisbane City Plan 2014

Brisbane City Plan 2014 is Brisbane City Council's plan for the future development of Brisbane. The plan guides how land in Brisbane is used and developed.


Planning and building online tools

Council provides mapping and virtual tools to assist you with your planning or building project. Use the PD Online tool to find information on development applications or to lodge a submission.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint

More than 100,000 residents had their say about Brisbane's future. Together we developed Brisbane's Future Blueprint - a plan with eight principles to guide decisions. See how we're tracking.

Planning guidelines

This page includes guidelines to make sure your development proposal complies with Brisbane City Plan 2014.


Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014

The Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 sets the vision and strategic framework to guide growth in our city heart.

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) 2016-2026

LGIP provides developers with an indication of likely infrastructure required as part of any proposed development.

Other plans and projects

Find out about plans and projects to improve and enhance activities and facilities in Brisbane.

Planning Act 2016 impacts on Council

Find out how Council has amended its local planning scheme to align with the Planning Act 2016which came into effect on 3 July 2017.

How planning in Queensland and Brisbane fits together

There are four levels of planning under the Planning Act 2016. Responsibility for the creation of plans or instruments is divided between Council and Queensland Government.

Village Precinct Projects

Village Precinct Projects is a public realm improvement program that supports Council’s commitment to creating a city of neighbourhoods.