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City Plan Amendment v02.00/2016 - Superseded

Amendment v02.00/2016 was adopted by the Brisbane City Council on 2 February 2016 and came into effect on 19 February 2016. Amendment v02.00/2016 was an amendment to City Plan 2014 under s117(1) of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Amendment v02.00/2016 Major Amendment included:

  • the new Taringa Neighbourhood Plan and associated consequential amendments to the balance of the City Plan 2014.

Amendment v02.00/2016 was superseded by Amendment 03.00/2016, and preceded by the previously published Amendment v01.03/2015.

The table of amendments to City Plan 2014 - 19 February 2016 lists the details of the amendments. You can download the table of amendments to the City Plan 2014:

Notice of adoption of Amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014

You can download the:

Superseded versions of City Plan 2014

You can view the superseded version v02.00/2016 of City Plan. Some documents need Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Viewer installed on your computer to view or print them. Some documents may also have a large file size and could take some time to download.

Navigate through the following links to download the documents and maps from the superseded original City Plan 2014:

View documents v02.00/2016 - superseded

The documents are ordered within folders that broadly follow the structure of the ePlan. For example, Citation & commencement and Part 1 are contained within a folder named “Part 1”.

View maps v02.00/2016 - superseded

Zoning, overlay and PFTI Maps are presented as individual PDF map tiles that correspond to the relevant map tile grids for zoning/overlays and PFTI mapping. You can identify a properties map tile via the interactive mapping 'property report'. If you wish to identify a specific map tile for a suburb or area, use the 'Suburbs by grid number' table on the zoning/overlay or PFTI pages. 

Current version of City Plan 2014

The ePlan is the current electronic version of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Once you have your property report from our interactive map, you can read more about development requirements in Council's ePlan.

City Plan is also provided as a series of separate documents, which are available to download. Most of these are Word documents and are accessible to website assistive technologies.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 maps are provided in downloadable PDF format and are inaccessible to website assistive technologies. If you require assistance accessing or interpreting any of these maps, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. These documents may also be large in size and take some time to download.

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