Current City Plan Amendment v08.00/2017

Amendment v08.00/2017 was adopted by the Brisbane City Council on 2017 and came into effect on 1 December 2017.

Amendment v08.00/2017 is an amendment to City Plan 2014 including the following amendments under s117(1) of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009:

  • Major amendment package A includes a number of amendments across a range of citywide provisions that are intended to:
    • improve the management of the interface between sensitive and industrial uses
    • increase provisions for addressing local circumstances of topography and flood immunity in relation to the height of dwelling houses
    • improve refuse collection, traditional building character, heritage and pre-1911 provisions
    • refine the operation of the Biodiversity areas overlay provisions and alignment with the Queensland Government's Environmental Offsets Act 2014
    • strengthen measures to ensure existing infrastructure (e.g. the Story Bridge) is protected from encroachment by development to ensure it can be maintained
    • improve rooming accommodation, reconfiguring a lot, prescribed accepted development and neighbourhood plan provisions
    • update zoning maps and overlays, including the Dwelling house character overlay, Heritage overlay, Pre-1911 building overlay and Traditional building character overlay.
  • Major amendment package - Pre-1911 building overlay. Council is adding 139 properties to Brisbane City Plan 2014's Pre-1911 building overlay to protect them from demolition or substantial changes. This will mean that the provisions of the Pre-1911 building overlay code will apply to development proposed on the sites.

Amendment v08.00/2017 also includes the following minor and administrative amendments made under the Minister's Guidelines and Rules, section 17 of the Planning Act 2016:

  • minor updates to overlay maps to reflect site-specific circumstances
  • update infrastructure design standards
  • align the planning scheme with the Planning Regulation 2017
  • align the planning scheme with the State Planning Policy July 2017
  • integrate updated State planning policy mapping.

Table of amendments

The table of amendments to City Plan 2014 - 1 December 2017 lists the details of the amendments. You can download the table of amendments to the City Plan 2014:

Notices of adoption of Amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014

You can download the public notice of adoption:

Current and superseded versions of City Plan

Current Amendment v08.00/2017 supersedes the previously published version of City Plan 2014 (that was associated with Amendment v07.00/2017).

Current version of City Plan 2014

The ePlan is the current electronic version of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Once you have your property report from our interactive map, you can read more about development requirements in Council's ePlan.

The City Plan is also provided as a series of separate documents, which are available to download. Most of these are Word documents and are accessible to website assistive technologies.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 maps are provided in downloadable PDF format and are inaccessible to website assistive technologies. If you require assistance accessing or interpreting any of these maps, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. These documents may also be large in size and take some time to download.

Note: The updated references to the Coastal Protection and Management Regulation in the table below should be used when reading references in City Plan.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 section Existing City Plan - (reference) To be read as (reference)

Part 9 Development codes

9.4 Other development codes

9.4.8 Prescribed tidal work code

Coastal Protection and Management Regulation 2003

Schedule 4A

Specific outcomes

Outcomes  2.1, 2.2

Coastal Protection and Management Regulation 2017

Schedule 3

Performance outcomes

Outcomes  2.1


04 December 2017