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Current Brisbane City Plan 2014 document

The current Brisbane City Plan 2014 is available to download in a series of word documents which are accessible to website assistive technologies. However, the entire plan is best viewed using the ePlan, which is easily navigated and has a search function. 

Brisbane City Plan 2014 maps are provided in downloadable PDF format and are inaccessible to website assistive technologies. If you require assistance accessing or interpreting any of these maps, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. These documents may also be large in size and take some time to download.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 is regularly updated with new or amended information. The Table of Amendments (Appendix 2) lists essential detail. Further detail can be found on the finalised amendments page.

Current Amendment v11.00/2018 came into effect on Friday 14 September 2018. The parts of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 that have been recently amended are indicated by (updated) notation. Details of the amendments can be found in the Table of Amendment document on the v11.00/2018 page.

Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan

Changes to Brisbane City Plan 2014 as a result of the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan amendment (v12.00/2018) are effective from 21 September 2018.

You can access this amendment via the neighbourhood plan page until the next scheduled City Plan update.

Citation and commencement

Part 1 - About the planning scheme

Part 2 - State Planning provisions

Part 3 - Strategic framework

Part 4 - Local government infrastructure plan

Part 5 - Tables of assessment

Part 6 - Zones

Part 7 - Neighbourhood plans

Part 8 - Overlays

Part 9 - Development codes

Part 10 - Other plans

Schedule 1 - Definitions

Schedule 2 - Mapping

Schedule 3 - Local government infrastructure plan mapping and support material

Schedule 4 - Notations required under the Planning Act 2016

Schedule 5 - Designation of premises for development

Schedule 6 - Planning scheme policies

Appendix 1 - Index and glossary of abbreviations and acronyms

Appendix 2 - Table of amendments

Brisbane City Plan 2014 mapping

Brisbane City Plan 2014 mapping is available in downloadable PDF format. To make it easier to view these maps, Council has also produced an interactive mapping tool for zones, overlays, neighbourhood plan maps and local government infrastructure plan maps.

Current version of City Plan 2014 available on ​ePlan

The ePlan is the current electronic version of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Once you have your property report from our interactive mapping web page, you can read more about development requirements in Council's ePlan.

21 September 2018