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An insight into development

Brisbane has a written plan, called Brisbane City Plan 2014, which shows where new development can go and what we and our neighbours can build. All development is directed by the City Plan, which is a legal document that was developed in accordance with Queensland Government legislation.

What property developers do

Usually, the location and timing of development is determined by developers.

A ‘developer’ is anyone who wants to build something new, such as:

  • a couple who subdivides their block to build a home for an ageing relative
  • a private company that builds an apartment block or industrial warehouse

How it all works

Developers must lodge an application with Brisbane City Council before they are allowed to build.

A development application is a formal request to Council for approval. Council assesses every development application against Brisbane City Plan 2014. The interests of the whole community are balanced against the rights of developers and other individuals (such as neighbours).

All development applications follow a process set by the Planning Act 2016 to make sure every application is treated fairly.

Not all development applications are approved. Some projects have to be significantly changed and others are simply not allowed. 

You can have a say on a new development

Anyone is allowed to formally support or oppose a new development. The only legal way to do this is through a formal written letter or email called a ‘submission’. Find out how to make a submission.

03 July 2017