Brisbane City Plan 2014

Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) is Brisbane City Council's plan for the future development of Brisbane. The plan guides how land in Brisbane is used and developed. It also helps plan for infrastructure to support growth and protect our way of life. We're growing our city while maintaining the character of our suburbs and creating a city of neighbourhoods.

City Plan includes two online interactive planning tools. These are the ePlan (electronic version of City Plan) and interactive mapping. The online planning tools make it easy for you to see what requirements may affect your development.

PD Online

PD Online is Council's self-service online property development and application search tool. Use this tool to make property enquiries, search for and track development applications, lodge submissions and view a full copy of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

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Brisbane City Plan 2014 (ePlan)

The ePlan is the electronic version of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Once you have your property report from interactive mapping, you can read more about development requirements in Council’s ePlan. You can also download the plan as a series of Word documents.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 mapping

Brisbane City Plan 2014 contains maps that show where the provisions of the planning scheme apply across the Brisbane area.

How to use Brisbane City Plan 2014

Read information to help you use Brisbane City Plan 2014 - where to start, whether a development application is required and codes.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 fact sheets

Brisbane City Plan 2014 online and downloadable fact sheets help you better understand the planning scheme and what it means for development in Brisbane.


City Plan amendments: Adopted

Brisbane City Plan 2014 commenced on 30 June 2014 and is regularly updated with new or amended information. View a list of adopted amendments.

City Plan amendments: In progress

To ensure it stays up-to-date and effective, Council regularly updates Brisbane City Plan 2014 with new or amended information. 

Talk to a Planner sessions

Talk to a Planner sessions help residents, business owners and industry professionals understand Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Current Brisbane City Plan 2014 document

Brisbane City Plan 2014 is available to download in a series of word documents. Download the documents to read City Plan including amendments.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 videos

Videos have been provided to introduce you to Brisbane City Plan 2014 and how you can access and interact with the City Plan online.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 project background

The current Brisbane City Plan 2014 commenced 30 June 2014. This page contains the background to the creation of the plan.

Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000

The superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000 was in force as Brisbane's planning scheme from October 2000 until it was replaced by Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Open Data

Brisbane City Plan 2014 neighbourhood plan, zoning and overlay spatial data is available to download as open data in GIS file formats through the Brisbane Open Data website.