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City Centre Master Plan - City-making moves

To fulfil our potential as a New World City the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 has identified key projects and initiatives that will transform our city centre over the next 20 years. These projects and initiatives have been grouped into 10 city-making moves.

The 10 city-making moves draw together the key elements of every strategy into clear, concise, and coordinated areas of action. They form the underlying framework for making decisions about the priorities for investment in our city centre.

The projects set out under each of the city-making moves are presented as initial propositions that will be subject to further investigation and detailed planning prior to delivery. To see how these moves fit into the Brisbane city centre, you can watch the 10 city-making moves animation.

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For further information on each of the city-making moves and transformative projects you can download the City Centre Master Plan.

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1. A River Lifestyle

1. A river lifestyle

With more than 5km of riverfront land on its doorstep, our city centre has the potential to offer a lifestyle that will put Brisbane on the world stage.

Transformative projects include:

2. City Bridges

2. City bridges

Brisbane will embrace the river and better connect inner-city neighbourhoods with investment in new river crossings and improvements to existing bridges.

Transformative projects include:

3. City Boulevards

3. City boulevards

The streets of the city centre will be dynamic platforms for urban life and contribute to the culture, economy and movement of the city.

Transformative projects include:

4. A Green Spine

4. A green spine

Albert Street will be transformed into a subtropical corridor linking Wickham and Roma Street Parklands and the rejuvenated City Botanic Gardens.

Transformative projects include:

5. Grand Arrivals

5. Grand arrivals

Transit stations will be redeveloped to celebrate the arrival into our city centre with grand architecture and enhanced public spaces.

Transformative projects include:

  • Central Station
  • Roma Street Station


6. Transit City

6. Transit city

The journey to our city centre will be a convenient and comfortable experience through investment in frequent and high capacity transit.

Transformative projects include:

7. The Inner-City Stitch

7. The inner-city stitch

Neighbourhoods on the edge of the city centre will be revitalised with new development and connections that will stitch the inner city together.

Transformative projects include:

8. Distinctive Architecture

8. Distinctive architecture

The city centre will showcase modern subtropical architecture that celebrates Brisbane’s heritage and makes the most of our pleasant climate.

Transformative projects include:

  • Strategic development sites
  • Neighbourhood plan and design compendium
  • Subtropical heritage loop
9. 24/7 Event City

9. 24/7 event city

We will extend trading hours, offer international-standard dining and host world-class events as the foundation of our 24/7 city.

Transformative projects include:

  • Riverstage
  • Vibrant City program
  • City of lights
  • City at play
10. A Creative Economy

10. A creative economy

Our city centre will become an economic incubator, a meeting place of creative industries and a hub for the knowledge economy.

Transformative projects include:

  • Digital city
  • Knowledge incubators
  • Cultural quarters
  • Smart energy

The projects set out under each of the city-making moves are presented as initial propositions that will be subject to further investigation and detailed planning prior to delivery.

10 city-making moves animation

You can also watch this video and other related videos on Council's YouTube channel.


12 November 2014