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Bulimba Barracks Master Plan

From 2015 to 2017, Brisbane City Council worked extensively with the community to regulate future development at the Bulimba Barracks site at Apollo Road. This followed an announcement by the Australian Government Department of Defence that part of the site would be sold and offered for redevelopment.

Council's priority has been to guide development in line with community expectations and support the development of infrastructure upgrades including the provision of a riverfront public park as well as opportunities for community events and the retention of local heritage.

The Bulimba Barracks Master Plan was approved by Council on 1 December 2015.

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Community engagement

Council held a number of information kiosks in August 2015 and October 2015 attended by more than 365 people, and more than 1175 people provided input through community surveys. The information gained from these activities was then used by the Community Planning Team, Council and the Queensland Government to draft and finalise the master plan.

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Master plan feedback

Community consultation undertaken during October 2015 revealed some key concerns relating to the master plan. Respondents were able to identify more than one issue in their survey responses. In terms of overall feedback, the majority of respondents either supported the draft master plan or had a neutral response.

The top three issues revealed in 292 written comments were:

  • traffic congestion in the wider Bulimba peninsula area - 68% of respondents
  • parking, particularly in relation to the Apollo Road ferry - 36% of respondents
  • concerns about density and the associated infrastructure required - 28% of respondents.

Other issues identified throughout the consultation process included:

  • concern about effect of increased density on local schools - 24% of respondents
  • Council should purchase all parkland - 15% of respondents
  • there should be no five storey development - 14% of respondents
  • public transport should be improved - 12% of respondents
  • all riverfront should be open to the public - 11% of respondents
  • there should be more parkland/green space - 11% of respondents
  • building height should be low - 10% of respondents
  • there should be no apartments - 3% of respondents
  • there should be no new development - 3% of respondents
  • there is no affordable housing - <1% of respondents.

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Feedback outcomes

Community feedback received during the public consultation period for the draft master plan in October 2015 led Council to make the following amendments to the master plan.

  1. Relocate land uses to:
    • locate commercial activity to the centre of the site in the Community Heart Precinct to minimise the impact on Apollo Road residents
    • show that the Community heart precinct will be a neighbourhood centre housing a range of small-scale privately delivered uses including community facilities
    • provide a mostly low-rise residential edge to Apollo Road.
  2. Adjust building heights to:
    • reduce the long expanses of five storey buildings parallel to Apollo Road and cluster them around the Community Heart Precinct
    • increase the extent of the residential interface precinct and two storey residential buildings at the edges of the site near Bolan Street
    • ensure the location of the three storey residential buildings buffers the residential interface precinct from five storey buildings
    • provide more two storey residential buildings on Apollo Road.
  3. Provide more information about:
    • Council's plan to manage traffic in the greater Bulimba district, including the implementation of the Wynnum Road Corridor Upgrade
    • strategies to maximise on-street parking in lieu of a park and ride facility
    • Brisbane City Plan 2014 on-site parking requirements
    • private sport and recreation uses and public parkland.

Community engagement timeline

March 2015 Sale of the Bulimba Barracks announced by the Australian Government Department of Defence
Mid-2015 Lord Mayor's announcement of the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan
August-September 2015 Community consultation and input
October 2015 Draft Bulimba Barracks Master Plan released for community feedback
December 2015 Bulimba Barracks Master Plan finalised
28 October-9 December 2016 Draft City Plan statutory amendments released for community consultation
16 May 2017 Council adoption of final statutory amendments to City Plan

More information

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