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Neighbourhood Plan - Lower Oxley Creek

The Lower Oxley Creek area has been identified in the Queensland Government's South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 as an area for urban development.

This area will need to change to meet demands for jobs, homes and services as well as provide new commercial and industrial opportunities.

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Plan area changes

Brisbane City Council undertook studies to determine future sustainable land uses in the Willawong and Pallara area. An air quality study was commissioned by Council in 2010 to determine the appropriate distance between the Ace Waste Incineration Facility and other land uses in the area.

In order to progress planning while the air quality study was being completed, the area was split into two smaller neighbourhood planning areas.

  1. Lower Oxley Creek North Neighbourhood Plan includes the neighbourhood plan area to the north of Paradise Wetlands and the Willawong landfill site. Part of this plan area was included in the air quality study.
  2. Lower Oxley Creek South Neighbourhood Plan includes the area to the south of Paradise Wetlands and the Willawong landfill Site. This area was not affected by the outcomes of the air quality study. The neighbourhood plan was adopted by Council and now forms part of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Find out more about the Willawong Air Quality Health Risk Assessment.


Studies completed during the Paradise Wetlands Neighbourhood Plan process established a framework for the development of the Lower Oxley Creek Neighbourhood Plan. The studies investigated:

  • environmental corridors
  • waterway corridors and hydraulics
  • topographical constraints
  • road network requirements
  • retail, commercial, recreational and community facility requirements
  • residential densities.

More information

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03 July 2017